Straight Talk

Authentic Leader™: Straight Talk Coaching

Option A: Straight Talk Coaching Ideal for: Straight Talk Coaching is for leaders who are already effective in their field but need to refocus in one or two key leadership areas. Examples could include: Increasing delegation and accountability Facilitating effective

Guided Leader

Authentic Leader™: Guided Leader Coaching

Option B: Guided Leader Coaching Ideal for: New and future leaders need a leadership model to guide their entire design and implementation of their leadership brand. Guided Leader Coaching is for leaders who are designing their authentic leadership brand. Guided

Established Leader

Authentic Leader™: Established Leader Coaching

Option C: Established Leader Coaching Ideal for: Established leaders recognize the need to continuously “sharpen their saw” and/or need help identifying leadership areas for additional improvement. Many established leaders are also preparing for top leadership roles and need to ensure

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