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Leading others starts with leading yourself. Credibility as a leader has a foundation of how others see your follow through on commitments to yourself and others. One way to demonstrate follow-through is through establishing and committing to accomplishing goals.

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Photo credit: / CC0

Having Goals is Part of an Exclusive Club

  • Although most everyone is familiar with this concept of setting goals, most people are unable to list their goals.
  • Less than 20% have identified goals.
  • Less than 5% of those people have written them down.¹
  • New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by 25% of people after one week.
  • Achieving your goals are 42% more likely to be achieved by simply writing them down.²

As a leader, this is a tremendous opportunity to differentiate yourself from most everyone else simply by writing down your goals.

² 5 Reasons why you should commit your goals to writing
– blog by Michael Hyatt

Get Out of your Way

When determining the goals you want to (or need to) achieve, consider what needs to happen in the next year. Don’t restrict your thinking. If you were captain of the universe, what could you achieve?

What if you could get out of your way to accomplish what you are capable of achieving, and even meant to achieve?

“You are the biggest obstacle to achieving greatness.”

Goal Buckets

When considering goals, consider goals in three categories:

  • Personal
  • Professional
  • Team and Organizational

Select one or two “goal buckets” in each of the three categories. Ultimately you want 4 – 6 goals total in all categories. I have found that more than 6 goals are too many. More than six goals will spread your focus too thin and will prevent you from achieving your goals. Less than 4 goals are not enough to make any meaningful progress.

Don’t feel limited to these goal bucket suggestions. Determine goal buckets that will best help you achieve your best year ever.

Personal Goal Buckets³

  • What do you want to achieve in your career?
  • Where do your finances need to be?
  • How would you like to be connected socially?
  • What do you want to achieve as a family?
  • How physically fit will you be?
  • In what way will you develop yourself?
  • What spiritual level will you be?

³ List suggested from Dan Miller’s book
“48 Days To The Work You Love”

Professional Goal Buckets

  • How much income do you expect to make?
  • What way will you develop yourself professionally?
  • What professional experiences do you need to have?
  • What networking relationships do you need to make?

Team and Organizational Goal Buckets

  • What are the financial income, budget, and/or profit goals need to be achieved?
  • What team metrics need to be reached and/or maintained?
  • What productivity levels will be achieved?
  • What process effectiveness will be created?
  • What new organizational capabilities need to be established?
  • What performance level measurements need to be achieved?

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