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A Big Reason Annual Goals Don’t Work

Annual goals give you direction, but a year is a long time. It is easy to think that you don’t need to worry about your new goals until later because you have more pressing actions to take right now.

I have seen leaders move from being super excited and motivated about what they will achieve this year (at the time they finish creating their goals) Over time as life happens and you are dealing with day-to-day issues goals can take a back seat. It is easy to get uninspired.

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It goes without saying that goals are “Important” but annual goals are not “Urgent”.

Create Urgency

Don’t get me wrong. I believe annual goals are vitally important but how to you keep the motivation to completing them? To combat losing excitement and motivation, work with your annual goals in a smaller timeframe. I suggest creating 90 versions of your annual goals.

Why 90-Day Goals?

90 days it not so far in the future. You can see the horizon of what you can achieve in the next three months.
It is also, creates enough time to create results real results. There is urgency of making regular (even daily) progress toward 90-day goals.

Creating 90-Day Goals

This will become a quarterly exercise as you review last quarter’s goals before the next quarter. Evaluate what you achieved last quarter and determine if you were too aggressive or did not make as much progress as you expected.

This is an exercise in confirming if your goal is “achievable”.

To gain extra focus, determine what you will celebrate at the end of the quarter. Select one goal where you will spend extra attention and make extraordinary progress in this quarter. This focus will create results beyond most anyone else you know. Go so far as to commit to COMPLETING one of your goals in this 90 days.

Creating 90-day versions of your goals is not hard but you will need to commit to doing it.

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What do you think of creating annual goals?
What 90-day goal will you achieve next quarter?

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