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Create Marching Orders for the Week

How do you make incremental progress with your goals without being distracted by all the other activities interrupting your day?

Even though a lot of work has been done creating annual and 90-day goals, it isn’t enough. You need to put your goals in action.

Photo credit: / CC0
Photo credit: / CC0

Goals will not and cannot be achieved without regular and consistent action toward those goals. Progress just needs to be incremental and not necessarily major progress every day. Any progress creates momentum.

  1. Determine: Each week dedicate time at the beginning of the week to review your goals and determine what actions you will commit to accomplish this week that will help you achieve your goals.
  2. Record: Write down the actions in a “to do” list along with any other tasks you need to accomplish this week.
  3. Identify: Identify which actions (or tasks) simply must be completed in order for you to declare at the end of the week that your week was successful. Put an “A” next to those actions or tasks.
  4. Prioritize: Next to each action or task with an “A” next to them, determine how much time it will realistically take you to accomplish those actions or tasks.
  5. Block: Find time in your calendar and schedule blocked time you will commit to accomplishing the actions or tasks.
  6. Commit: Treat these scheduled time blocks as appointments that are as critical as any other appointment that cannot be rescheduled.
  7. Protect: When someone tries to schedule over your blocked time, simply inform them that you have an appointment at that time (because you do) and find another time.
  8. Adjust (when unavoidable): In the event of a higher priority appointment that needs to happen at a previously scheduled block time, determine where you will reschedule your appointment with yourself. You deserve to say that week was successful at the end of the week.

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