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Go One Step Further

Before beginning your day (or even the night before), determine the one or two things that you simply must complete. These are things that you will not come home from work or go to bed until these one or two things are done. Put a star next to those one or two items.

Eat That Frog

Brian Tracy suggests a concept that everyone has that one “frog” that they must eat every day. That one action or task that they don’t want to do or is at risk of being put off but never gets done.

Photo credit: / CC0
Photo credit: / CC0

Brian says, “eat that frog” before you do anything else. Before you open your email, before you get on social media, before you turn on the TV, before you get dressed for the day, etc. Once you have eaten your frog for the day, everything else you accomplish seems like extra bonus.

“Eat that frog before you do anything else.”
– Brian Tracy

Most People Will Not Do This

In the last four posts this month, I’ve outlined a proven system that works. As you read it, you know it is a good system that makes sense. But, most people do not and will not do this system or any other system to ensure you have your best year ever.


There is a reason that:

Less than 2 in 10 have identified goals.

Less than 1 in 20 have written goals

This is simple but it is not easy. It requires commitment, dedication, willingness to sacrifice to achieve more than you have ever achieved before.

Give yourself room.

If you only implement a portion of this system (or any other system), you are far better off than most everyone you know. Over time, apply a little more structure to your system.

Find an accountably partner.

Find someone who you can trust to encourage you to accomplish more and stay on a system that works for you.

Find a way to report your progress.

Go back to the section of this system that creates quarterly goals. Review what happened last quarter and report to yourself, your spouse, or your accountability partner the progress you achieved and celebrate what you have accomplished.

Just Have a System

Remember, that any system is better than no system at all. You remember a time when you had not system. And, how did that work for you? You know that having a system is better than not having one. Don’t be like everyone else.

Simple Next Steps

  1. Determine your top 4 – 6 “buckets”
  2. Create 1 or 2 goals in each bucket
  3. List milestone action steps you need to accomplish in each goal
  4. Schedule your activities

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What frog will you eat tomorrow?
Who can hold you accountable for achieving your goals?

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