What is Authentic Leader™?

Large Blog ImageMy name is Christopher R Jones. I went to high school with another “Chris Jones”, I also worked with one, had a friend marry one, a neighbor 5 houses down is one. I know a lot of people with the name “Chris Jones’” so I am making it easier to find me using my middle initial “R” for Robert.

I am the founder and curator of Authentic Leader™ which is all about helping leaders to more authentically lead others. It is easier to lead not when people have to follow you (because of your title), but when people want to follow you (with or without your title). When a leader is transparent, deliberate, disciplined, accountable, and committed people will follow.

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So What is the Purpose of Authentic Leader?

It is my belief that everyone is a leader at some level. Some leaders are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company while others are a single parent working two jobs. Leadership can be measured by influence and if you know anyone you are influencing them (and leading them) in some way.

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I connect with people by helping them discover and become their version of leadership.

I aim to be a transparent leader and business owner who helps others to create a better world for themselves and the people they influence. I see the leader in everyone and help them to see a more effective way to lead.


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