I mentioned in an earlier blog post how listening to podcasts has changed my life. Most people I talk to have never heard of podcasting or may have heard of podcasting but have never tried it out for themselves.

My Podcast Story

I discovered podcasts by accident. I offered to drive a neighbor’s car back to their home one day after work. I didn’t want to change any settings in their car. In addition to keeping the seat, steering wheel, and mirrors in place, I also didn’t touch the radio.

Driving Home
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On the radio that day was a talk show, which was fine with me because I enjoyed listening to talk shows for entertainment while driving. On this day was a talk radio show called “The Dave Ramsey Show”.

During the radio show, Dave mentioned that a one-hour portion of his radio show is available for download as a podcast. I enjoyed the show so much that I wanted to listen to his show again.

I had recently purchased an MP3 player and found that it was capable of subscribing to, downloading, and playing podcasts. So the first podcast I listened to was “The Dave Ramey Show” and as the saying goes “the rest was history.”

Brief History about Podcasting

Podcasting was originally known (and maybe better described) as audioblogging (audio for sound and blogging for web-log). The term podcast began soon after Apple introduced the iPod® in 2001. Podcasting described iPod-broadcasting. In 2005, podcasts were available through iTunes to be downloaded to iPods.

Even though the capability to listen to podcasts has been available since the introduction of the iPod, only in recent years has podcasting really grown in popularity. The iPod is credited with revolutionizing music listening in the 2000’s much like the Walkman® did in the 1980’s. Now thousands of songs can be carried with you anywhere. Podcasts are poised to do the same thing for audio content.

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In the podcasts I list, included are details like the name of the host, what they are known for, the format of the podcast, how often the podcasts are published, the length of time, links to their websites, and what I like and how each podcast has helped me.

If you listen to Podcasts, when and where do you listen?
What are your favorite podcasts?

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