These are some of the clients who have experienced Authentic Leader.

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Like the emphasis on vision and mission. Basic – we all know it is important, but do not always focus on it. – Steve Pendlebury, President, Light Tape

I was amazed that years of working on a mission and vision for TAG had resulted in a roadblock, and that within an hour you were able to overcome that roadblock. It’s not perfect, but we now have a vision and mission that we can stand behind and be proud of. – Charles E Wright, Help Desk Manager, Technology Assurance Group, Inc.

Making me consider all the levels of succession – “Do” vs. “Try” – David Goodwin, CEO, AD Vice, Inc

AWESOME!  You did a great job in helping me identify the type of leader I want to be!  Looking forward to our one on one sessions!! – Marcia Collins, Office Manager, Technology Assurance Group

Good energy – enough examples to keep it relevant. – Steve Pendlebury, President, Light Tape

Creative and very easy to follow. Very good at keeping the group focused and on time. – Sam Stone, President, Stone’s Office Equipment

Great job – very engaging / knowledgeable.  – Thomas McCormick, President/CEO, American Electrical, Inc.

The workbook was very helpful in putting our notes and referring back to it. – P. Sean Francis, CEO, Technology Assurance Group, Inc.

It helped me note items to take back and work on. – Sam Stone, President, Stone’s Office Equipment

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