There is no such thing as a finish line for leaders. Authentic Leaders are consistently looking for ways to feed their brain with information they can use to become more effective. Leaders recognize that their success or their failure is their responsibility. Leaders also take full responsibility for their effectiveness.

Photo credit: Georgie Pauwels via / CC BY
Photo credit: Georgie Pauwels via / CC BY

Years ago, there was a commercial for V8® Juice where someone says, “I could have had a V8”. They say this after making a poor choice wasn’t good for them.

Have you ever had the same experience realizing later that you could have used your time more effectively? Or, you wish you didn’t have to waste so much time while doing “mindless” activities?

Question Your Dead Time


What do you listen to when you drive to work or driving anywhere? You may say, that you listen to music or the radio or talk radio or maybe nothing at all.


What do you do when you are waiting? We wait for a bus or at the terminal waiting for a flight or even on the plane in flight on our way to our destination. Many people I see on flights simply sit there or plug-in their earbuds listening to music or leaf through the airline’s free magazine.


What do you do when you exercise? Most would say that they watch the TVs at the gym, or again, a music mix on their smartphone.

Daily Routine

What do you do when you are showering, getting dressed, eating breakfast, doing yard work or housework, cooking, eating, shopping, . . . ?

Then I discovered Podcasts and it changed my life. It could change your life too. When I mention that I listen to podcasts to others, I get blank stares or someone will say, I’ve heard of podcasts but I don’t know anything about them or how to listen to them.

Free Download

This month’s blog posts are all about podcasting and below is a link to a definitive guide I am giving to you for free. Click on the link below to download a free ebook all about podcasting including more than 20 of my favorite podcasts.

In each of the podcasts I list, I include details like the name of the host, what they are known for, the format of the podcast, how often the podcasts are published, the length of time, links to their websites, and what I like and how each podcast has helped me.

If you listen to Podcasts, when and where do you listen?
What are your favorite podcasts?

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