Happy New Year!

“This will be my best year ever!”

At a 2010 neighborhood New Year’s Eve party, a neighbor and I had our annual conversation about our plans for next year. We both said that next year will be different. It’s going to be our best year ever.

But, we both knew these promises were empty and we ultimately called each other out. We’ve said that next year will be our best year ever for several years but we really didn’t have much to show for it.  We realized that if we didn’t do something different, we would be right back here next year with the same empty promise.

So, we committed to meet the following week to outline what eventually became our accountability group. By the next New Year’s Eve party, I was preparing to leave my corporate life and start a new career.

It wasn’t easy and we both had uncomfortable moments facing the music throughout the year when we hadn’t accomplished what we committed to do. We have both become much more than we were in 2010. Since then, I have lead several other accountability and mastermind groups.

Have you ever said, “next year will be amazing“?
Have you ever been disappointed 12 short months later, with less than expected to show for the year?

How To Create Extraordinary Results This Year

Lou Holtz said, “In this world, you’re either growing or you’re dying so get in motion and grow.” Completing assessments, reading books, attending training, creating experiences, finding motivation, and overcoming obstacles all can help you grow. But, these alone or combined are not enough to create extraordinary results.

Discipline and Accountability

The factors listed above (alone and combined) are necessary for success. But, only Discipline and Accountability to implement your commitments will create significant results.

You own discipline. Only you can follow through and do what you know you need to do.
Enlisting the help of others is how to hold yourself accountable.

Options to Take Next the Step

1. You can start your own accountability group

To start your own accountability group, I recommend you:

  • Facilitate each accountability group meeting and keep each meeting on point
  • Ensure a balanced conversation among the members and manage members who are overly engaged or disengaged
  • Create meaningful challenge for new commitments of members
  • Track each member’s new commitments between meetings (so commitments don’t fall through the cracks)
  • Provide meeting materials and agendas
2. Or, join an Authentic Accountability Group ™ .

As a member of an Authentic Accountability Group™ , you will:

  • Meet twice per month for 1.5 hours with a group of 5 to 6 total members
  • Create bold commitments/ goals (with guidance)
  • Determine your highest priority commitments you will accomplish before the next meeting
  • Receive feedback and appropriate challenge from Chris and the group while holding you accountable
  • Document clear actions, describe expected results, and set realistic deadlines
  • Provide updated status of actions since the last meeting
  • Share successes with the group (which you don’t have a chance to do any other place)
  • Receive productivity and personal leadership lessons from Chris at each meeting
    Examples: setting up your routine, establishing your prioritization system, creating your note-taking system, actions that help you lead yourself, etc.
  • Commit to new actions you will accomplish before the next meeting.

NOTE: This is not a networking or referral group. Although referrals may happen, the design of this group is to hold you accountable and help you achieve your commitments.

Additional Information

  • The first groups are forming now this month
    (Group 1 is filled starting in January. Group 2 is filling now.)
  • Meeting days, times, and location will be determined by the collective group availability
  • Expected initial commitment is 3 months. It will take at least three meetings to get ramped up with your goals and commitments
  • Guidelines for the group will be provided to the group (including confidentiality)


Part of ensuring commitment is to have skin in the game. Most people will not fully commit and will get less value from membership without a financial commitment.

  • $150 per month ($75 per session)
  • or $175 per month
    This includes your seat at the monthly Authentic Interview Event.
    (This is a discount if you are attending anyway.)

I look forward to hearing from you. What commitment will you take today to make this year extraordinary? Please click here to let us know?

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