Established LeaderIdeal for:

New and Future Leaders who seek to create their authentic leadership plan or are preparing for a new leadership position.

Leaders in an existing leadership role who are struggling to increase their influence in their organization or industry.

Established leaders who recognize the need to continuously improve and grow their influence. Leaders identify leadership growth areas or are preparing for their next leadership level.

Leadership areas are selected from the Authentic Leader program:

Choose to lead

  1. Evaluate Leadership
  2. Brand Leadership
  3. Plan to Lead
  4. Develop Leadership
  5. Communicate Leadership
  6. Build and Maintain Influence
  7. Guide Future Leaders


Through Authentic Leader Coaching, leaders will:

  • Work through real world experiences.
  • Implement just-in-time leadership tools.
  • Create a custom leadership plan unique to the leader.
  • Create a personal vision and mission.
  • Create a leadership action plan to implement.
  • Develop foundational leadership skills through discussion, learning materials, in-the-moment feedback, etc.
  • Measurable success factors.
  • Tracking leadership growth to prove future success.
  • Establish influence as an authentic and effective leader over time.


Authentic Leader Coaching is a minimum of 3 months (to ensure results) and typically continues for 6 – 12 months.

  • Coaching sessions are 60 minutes (at times may extend to 90 minutes), two times per month.
  • Most coaching sessions are in-person at the leader’s location* or by phone.
  • Leadership development tools, assessments, and other resources are provided as needed.


* location of leader’s choosing is included for clients in the Richmond, Virginia metropolitan area. Otherwise in-person coaching within the state of Virginia will incur a mileage fee. In-person meetings outside the state of Virginia will be determined between the leader and the coach.

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