Box ChooseChoose to lead helps people to understand what actions and behaviors characterize leadership and what it means to be a leader. In this module we identify how you may already be leading, make clear the differences between leadership and management, identify leaders who overcame their reluctance to lead, describe what success means for leaders, and finally help them make the choice to become a leader.



Box FoundationThis is the foundation of creating authentic leadership. In these three modules we evaluate current capabilities, design a unique and personalized leadership brand, and create a plan for implementing an authentic leadership roadmap.
To evaluate we identify capabilities and gaps to let leaders know where they are starting. We also determine at organizational, team, and individual levels how to maximize capabilities and mitigate weaknesses.

We outline leadership models as inputs to creating an authentic leadership brand. We also help leaders identify a framework for leading their teams and create a system for personal effectiveness.

We then plan how leaders will implement their authentic leadership. Planning includes validating the organization’s overall direction and how the organization will get there. We also create a personalized plan aligned with the organization that fits their authentic leadership.





Box ImplementIn order to implement the plan these three models will further develop leadership capabilities and increase credibility, determine who to communicate effectively communicate as leader, as well as set up a system for continuous leadership development and learning.

To develop leadership capabilities and increasing credibility includes building strategic relationships. Bringing on new team members and succession planning within the organization is part of this section. Additionally leaders push past mediocrity and develop critical thinking skills are developed.

We identify and establish a strategic leader communication plan. We help leaders maximize their listening skills to best communicate so that their followers can thrive.

As leaders become established, we help them see how others are following their example. We also cover making the most out of leadership failures, building trust, and making effective decisions. Finally we help leaders create a proven system to build and maintain effective delegation and accountability.




Box Create More LeadersAs leaders master their leadership, they guide followers to become effective leaders themselves. We work with leaders to help them create opportunities for leadership growth among their followers, establish ownership, as well as effectively mentor new leaders.

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