TrainingHaving Christopher speak at your next event is a decision you will not regret. I not only does he assure an exceptional experience for your audience, you will also experience the easiest speaker you have ever worked with.

Each topic listed below includes personal and real stories that help the audience to walk out of the event with actionable “how-tos. They will be able to implement their actions either the same day or within a week of the event.

Contact Christopher today to discuss topics that fit the needs of your audience. Below are examples of topics with which he has had the most success.

Authentic Leader™ Training and Speaking Topics

Leadership Influence Without a Title;
Overcoming 9 Leadership Struggles to Achieve Authentic Success

Learn the results of an Authentic Leader™ study that identified the 9 top struggles people need to overcome to succeed as a leader. Not only will you learn what the 9 struggles are, but you will also hear personal stories that explain how to overcome each.

This topic applies to new leaders, experienced leaders in a new leadership role, influencers who choose to lead without a title, and experienced leaders who are growing new leaders in their organization.

Creating Results;
Getting Things Done Through Others Without Confrontation

Strategically delegating work is critical for leaders to create time to work on more important and higher impact activities. Leaders have a list of reasons they don’t or won’t delegate. Christopher outlines why delegation fails and reasons why delegation is one of the best levers for high performance. Leaders will learn the three questions leaders must ask before delegating and the four phases of delegation.

Confrontation and conflict are real concerns for leaders when holding people accountable. Leaders will leave with a simple four-step process that virtually eliminates conflict and confrontation when holding people accountable.

Taking Control of Your Brand;
Establishing and Growing Your Influence Through Your Personal Brand

Many leaders don’t make time to consider their personal brand. Leaders need to be strategic about their brand and how their brand connects to their organization’s brand. A purposeful personal brand will help them grow their influence in their organization, community, and industry. Like any organization, leaders also have a brand and it’s important to be intentional about purposefully establishing a brand.

Leaders will identify their current brand and receive a framework for establishing an intentional personal brand. Christopher helps leaders to identify the top benefits of a strong personal brand. Leaders will determine their brand’s current reach and where their brand may need to reach to achieve their stretch goals.

Leading Through Prioritization;
Ensuring Focus on High-Performance Activities

It is hard to have confidence that your time is spent on activities that will create high performance. To increase that confidence, it is critical to have a system to help determine the activities that align with your mission and aspirations.

Leaders will learn about a simple criteria system that will categorize every activity and then easily determine which activities will create high performance in them and the people they lead. They will also understand how focusing on the right activities help move from “normal” performance to high-performance.

Using Resources that Make a Difference in You;
Grow Your Influence Through Untapped Development Tools

It has been said, if you aren’t growing you are dying. There are so many options available. How do leaders choose to make the most of their time?

Discover development tools you can use to expand your influence. Strategically tap into these resources to learn how to grow your influence with these development resources. We will discuss how effective leaders use technology equipment, tools & systems, and content resources to help them maximize their production every day.

Additional Topics
  • Improving Others Through Feedback; Giving and Receiving Feedback Methods to Uncover Truths
  • Better Communication as a Leader and Establishing Trust; Increasing Influence Through Leadership Interactions and Trust
  • Becoming an Authentic Leader; Why Authenticity in your Leadership Increases Credibility and Results with your Team and How to Become an Authentic Leader
  • Adjusting Your Leadership Style for 4 Types of Workers; Simple Evaluation of your Team Lead from Their Situation
  • Your Authentic Leader Plan; Developing your Personalized Authentic Leader Plan to Create Your Path to Your Next Leadership Level
  • More Than Double Your Meeting Effectiveness; Create an Authentic Leader Business Meeting Framework that Ensures Accountability and Results
  • Design Your Authentic Leader Vision with Purpose
  • Finally, Achieve Extra Ordinary Results by Applying This One Element!

Calendar of Topics:
RCLI – #LeadersWhoFollow 2017 @ Hill City Church
Nov 15 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
RCLI - #LeadersWhoFollow 2017 @ Hill City Church | Richmond | Virginia | United States

#LeadersWhoFollow is RCLI’s high-energy, forward-thinking experience that engages Richmond’s Christian community in the exploration and application of Christian leadership practices. The 2017 edition on Wed., November 15 features five presenters who will share tight, eight-minute presentations that build upon RCLI’s *five-fold characteristics of Christian Leadership.

Journaling time (using provided Scoutbook journals) will be built-in between each presentation to help attendees process the remarks, consider any personal application, and form questions or comments for the discussion period that follows.

After all the presentations finish, attendees will join in table-top discussions with the presenters and other attendees.Refreshments will be available to facilitate this time of engagement.

#LeadersWhoFollow is a unique and engaging way to learn about how God is moving in and through the people of the Richmond region. Come!

Authentic Interview | Bryan Bostic @ Independence Golf Club
Dec 4 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Authentic Interview | Bryan Bostic @ Independence Golf Club | Midlothian | Virginia | United States

Advanced registration reserves your seat and covers your lunch.

This month:

  • Bryan Bostic, Executive Director, StartUP Virginia




Coffee Talk – Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce @ Thunderbolt Indoor Karting
Dec 5 @ 7:30 am – 8:30 am
Coffee Talk - Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce @ Thunderbolt Indoor Karting | Richmond | Virginia | United States

Authentic Leader™, Christopher Jones, will be delivering

Finally, Achieve Extra Ordinary Results by Applying This One Element!

Come learn what this element does to achieve extra ordinary results when applied and why people that fail to achieve their full potential choose to ignore it.

Authentic Interview | Dr. Tom Epperson @ Independence Golf Club
Jan 29 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Authentic Interview | Dr. Tom Epperson @ Independence Golf Club | Midlothian | Virginia | United States

Advanced registration reserves your seat and covers your lunch.

This month:

  • Dr. Thomas Epperson, President, InnerWill Leadership Institute




Leadercast Richmond @ Parkway Baptist Church
May 4 @ 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Leadercast Richmond @ Parkway Baptist Church | Moseley | Virginia | United States

Authentic Leader™, Christopher Jones, will be conducting a lunch session.

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