TrainingFrom time to time, leaders need a crash course or a re-focus on a specific leadership topic. There is nothing like live training on targeted topics to get you where you need to be.

Every two months, we offer targeted authentic leader training topics to help leaders like you to dive deep on one leadership topic. The Authentic Leader™ Training Programs are intense two-hour programs that provide real-world application and practice with other like-minded leaders.

Authentic Leader™ Training Programs include:

  • Delegation and Accountability: Getting Important Work Done by Maximizing Your Strengths as a Leader and Strengths of Others
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback: Helping Yourself and Others Uncover Truths
  • Communication and Establishing Trust: Increasing Influence Through Leadership Interactions
  • Owning Your Leadership Growth: Leadership Development Strategies
  • Achieving Goals: Establishing and Reaching Milestones

Be ready to start quickly and grow through these fast-paced targeted training programs.

Calendar of Topics:

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