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New and Future Leaders who seek to create their authentic leadership plan or are preparing for a new leadership position.

Leaders in an existing leadership role who are struggling to increase their influence in their organization or industry.


Through the Authentic Leader Workshop, leaders will:

  • Outline their authentic leadership using real world examples, tools, and experiences.
  • Create a personal vision and mission.
  • Establish a leadership action plan for implementation.
  • Develop foundational leadership skills through discussion, learning materials/tools, etc.
  • Measurable success factors.
  • Tracking leadership growth to prove future success.
  • Establish influence as an authentic and effective leader over time.



A half day workshop is offered, each week for three consecutive weeks. Each workshop builds upon the previous workshops.

The workshops are a combination of lecture, demonstration, audio and video examples, interactive participation, and takeaways for implementation in the leader’s work environment. All participants are expected to attend all three workshops. All materials are provided at the workshop.

Group Coaching

After the workshops, leaders participate in 60 minute group coaching twice per month for 4 months. Follow up group coaching:

  • Increases knowledge retention received in the workshop.
  • Provides opportunities to identify real-world application of leadership skills while working through day-to-day leadership issues participants are currently facing.
  • Introduces new just-in-time leadership concepts to be applied to immediate leadership situations.

Individual coaching can be arranged for an additional fee. See Authentic Leader Coaching sheet

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