Benefits of Podcasts

Listening to podcasts has been the single most impactful daily habit in my life over the last ten years. I always have an arsenal of podcasts queued in my list ready to listen to. Anytime I am doing a “brainless” activity, I immediately think to push “play” on my smartphone app. Rather than wasting time, now I make the most of my time to feed my brain with valuable content.

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I can listen to podcasts on my schedule. Listening to podcasts is like a DVR (digital video recorder) for audio content. Some podcasts I listen to are so valuable that I never miss an episode.

How much does it cost to subscribe to podcasts?

The majority of podcast subscriptions are free. All the podcasts I listen to are free. There is a lot of time, effort, and cost involved with recording, producing, and publishing podcasts. So, how can subscriptions to podcasts be free?

Podcasters promote themselves and/or ultimately sell products. Effective podcasts, do not overtly sell to their listeners. In order to make money from their podcast, podcasters try to provide so much valuable content that you may someday look for more value by purchasing their product(s). I have purchased products from podcasters. In every case, it has been money well spent.

How To Find Good Podcasts – The List

I wrote an eBook that lists my favorite podcasts and I am giving it away for free. I regularly listen to all of the podcasts and I personally endorse this list.

Of course, this is not a list of the best of all podcasts available. There are many more podcasts available that I have either not been exposed to or that I have not made time to subscribe. I am sure there are valuable podcasts that may provide even more value. I invite you to share podcasts that you find valuable.

How to listen to podcasts

There are many choices to listen to podcasts and no one way is best.

Below are several options to choose. Most podcast listeners I know find one app (or use the one that came with their smartphone) and just stick with that.

Each app has features and functions that others may not have. Try one app and understand how it works then try another until you find the app that works best for you.

Listening on Your Computer

Listen on the podcast Website (Mac, PC)

Most podcasts can be played from the podcast’s website. From the website look for a button on the site to play the episode.

This can be a good way to consider if you want to subscribe or not. There is typically limited functionality (play and pause versus rewind, jump ahead, save to listen to later, etc.).

Juice – The cross-platform podcast receiver (Mac, PC)

If you don’t have an MP3 player or smartphone, use a computer program called Juice. It is a viable option.

It is a simple program to play podcasts from your computer or even transfer files to MP3 players.
Juice is free to download and install here:

Podcast Player Apps – Smartphone, Tablets, MP3 Players

No two podcast apps are the same although the basic functions are in all podcast apps. They all automatically download podcast episodes for offline listening when you want. Each also has unique features. Below is a sample list of some of the more popular podcast apps. A more comprehensive list is available in my free eBook.

Some podcast apps listed here are free and some are for purchase. Most that you buy have a free version to try with an option to purchase the full version with more functions. The apps cost $3.99 or less.

Free Download

This month’s blog posts are all about podcasting and below is a link to a definitive guide I am giving to you for free. Click on the link below to download a free ebook all about podcasting including more than 20 of my favorite podcasts.

In the podcasts I list, included are details like the name of the host, what they are known for, the format of the podcast, how often the podcasts are published, the length of time, links to their websites, and what I like and how each podcast has helped me.

If you listen to Podcasts, when and where do you listen?
What are your favorite podcasts?

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Increase Your Effectiveness with Podcasts

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