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I help you create high performers in your organization. Leaders I work with increase their influence to bring out the high performance in their people.

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Existing and Past Clients




Developed and delivered custom in-house training program for bank branch managers.

Developed and delivered breakout sessions for an all-employee day-long conference at bank headquarters.

Developed and delivered custom in-house training program for 22 new bank leaders with unanimous meets or exceeds evaluations from all participants.

Developed and delivered custom keynote address for annual statewide leadership conference.

Trusted advisor to CEO/Owner. Worked one-on-one with CEO/Owner and Chief Operations Officer.

Facilitated leadership retreats for strategic planning sessions, develop leadership action plans, and increase staff production numbers.

In series of three workshops, helped 14 leaders to create individual leadership plans and implement leadership strategies with their teams.

Consulted with CIO and IT leadership team for global process transformation planning.


Developed and facilitated day-long off-site roundtable retreat.

Developed and delivered a custom CEO training program for 10 CEOs roundtable members.

Developed and facilitated day-long annual planning retreat for YPO board members for 12 CEO business owners.

Founding facilitator for business owner groups Million-Dollar-Mastermind and Micro-to-Millions Workgroups.

The Authentic Interview

Learn from successful business leaders who have been there. This is an event like no other in Central Virginia. Each month we interview an accomplished business leader as they share their personal leadership stories throughout their career.

Attendees are high caliber business leaders, providing an opportunity for rich networking and relationship building.
Clubhouse Cropped11:30 – 1:00
Last Monday of the Month
Independence Golf
Lunch from Tavern 19 included
Register at

Authentic Leader™ Keynote/Speaking Topics

Targeted authentic leader training and keynote speaking topics help leaders dive deep a specific hand-selected leadership topic tailored to your team’s need. Each topic includes personal and real stories that help the audience to walk out of the event with actionable “how-tos”. The topic is delivered in a way that they will be able to implement their actions either the same day or within a week of the event.

My most popular topics can be customized for each unique audience and include:

Leadership Influence Without a Title;
Overcoming 9 Leadership Struggles to Achieve Authentic Succes

Creating Results;
Getting Things Done Through Others Without Confrontation

Taking Control of Your Brand;
Establishing and Growing Your Influence Through Your Personal Brand

Leading Through Prioritization;
Ensuring Focus on High-Performance Activities

Using Resources that Make a Difference in You;
Grow Your Influence Through Untapped Development Tools

Improving Others Through Feedback; Giving and Receiving Feedback Methods to Uncover Truths

Better Communication as a Leader and Establishing Trust; Increasing Influence Through Leadership Interactions and Trust

Becoming an Authentic Leader; Why Authenticity in your Leadership Increases Credibility and Results with your Team and How to Become an Authentic Leader

Adjusting Your Leadership Style for 4 Types of Workers; Simple Evaluation of your Team Lead from Their Situation

Your Authentic Leader Plan; Developing your Personalized Authentic Leader Plan to Create Your Path to Your Next Leadership Level

More Than Double Your Meeting Effectiveness; Create an Authentic Leader Business Meeting Framework that Ensures Accountability and Results

Design Your Authentic Leader Vision with Purpose

Finally, Achieve Extra Ordinary Results by Applying This One Element!

Authentic Leader™ Workshops

Half day workshops include training, interactive exercises, and experiential application. Typically workshops are offered in a series for two to three consecutive weeks. Each workshop builds upon the previous workshops.

Established LeaderAuthentic Leader™ Coaching

Coaching gives you confidence that you are making incremental progress in your leadership growth. Sessions hold you accountable to a leadership plan that we created together. Each session is generally 60 minutes (at times may extend to 90 minutes), twice per month.

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